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Safety Hive develops innovative and user-friendly software and mobile apps for safety management.  Our mission is to create safer and more efficient workplaces through the advancement of technology and changes of human behavior.

Lockout Management Software

Lockout Management Software

Professional lockout writing mobile app and software to create, edit and manage your lockout procedures. Searchable database, drop down menus, a variety of report and procedure templates that include both graphical procedures and checklists.

  • Significantly Reduce Time for procedure writing and inspections.
  • Increase Accuracy & Consistency of procedures and inspections
  • Gain Quality Control with database file tracking and controls
Lockout Software, Lockout Tagout

Developed by Professional Lockout Technicians. Approved by 100’s of companies world wide.

Mobile App Features

  • iOS and Android
  • Works Offline
  • Write & Edit Procedures
  • Mobile Verification Checklists
  • Electronic Periodic Inspections 
    • Procedures
    • Authorized Persons
  • Photo Capture of Isolation Points
  • Pre-Populated Drop-Down Menus

Software Management Features

  • SaaS Tier 4 Database Security
  • Export all data to .csv
  • Export all procedures to Word
  • Write / Edit / Print Procedures
  • Print Lockout Tags for Isolation Points
  • Fast & flexible procedure layout options
  • Company parent / branch levels
  • Admin / Write / Read Only security levels
  • Summary Reports & Required Device Counts
  • Inspection Reminders & Approval Status
  • Global Search for all fields
  • Multiple Language Options
  • QR code & Barcode capable
  • Integration into 3rd Party CMMS

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