Safety Hive, LLC. is pleased to announce the hiring of Brady M. Odom as Director of Sales. With more than 10 years of experience in the safety and service industry, and business development, Odom is diverse in his skill set. Odom also brings vertical experience working with US Fortune 500 companies.

“Safety Hive software is at a pivotal point where growth is in the exponential phase and having someone with industrial experience will set the stage for solutions delivery to our current and future customers,” said Gil Truesdale, CRO of Martin Technical, “With Brady, we received everything we wanted and more. He will make an impact on our company, our customers, and expand our market share through many verticals.”

Truesdale stated further, “As Director of Sales for Safety Hive, Odom will be responsible for sales, building future infrastructure, and revenue-related generation strategy. His interaction with distribution, as well as end user partnerships will drive our future success. Please welcome Brady to our company.”

Odom himself said, “Providing safety solutions to those working in the industrial & commercial markets has been my passion for many years, but I believe Martin Technical takes things to the next level. I’m honored to have the opportunity to represent such a great organization.”

To contact Brady Odom, please email BradyO@SafetyHive.com or call (832) 819-8015.

About Safety Hive

Safety Hive, a wholly owned subsidiary of Martin Technical is a Safety Technology Solution and Software Provider that digitizes and automates safety to help predict and prevent workplace safety incidents through technology and data.

To learn more, please visit http://www.SafetyHive.com, http://www.MarTechnical.com, call 888-400-6414, or email info@SafetyHive.com.
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