Training Hive, our training management software by Safety Hive, allows you to track and manage your training by merging all training information into one seamless database. Trainers and training events for both in-house training and third party providers can be set up and managed, including information and attachments for the training.

With our training management software, workers can be assigned training plans, individuals can be granted access to both their training plans, history, and certifications. And of course, our training management software is always mobile friendly.

With Mobile Certificates

  • You can provide Mobile Certificates for increased employee engagement. With the option for Transferable Certificates, employees can take them anywhere. No matter what project or facility they are located.
  • Training Hive provides easy and audit proof record keeping for OSHA Compliance.
A first person view of a hand holding a phone. On the phone is the holder's certificate of training in electrical safety.

Mobile Features

  • Training Hive software is mobile friendly.
  • Mobile certificates & training documentation available at any time, any place.
  • Transfer and share certificates at any time.

Training Management Software Features

  • SaaS Tier 4 Database Security
  • Export all data to .csv
  • Course Catalog 
  • Develop & Assign Training Plans
  • Pre-Filled & Customizable Menus
  • Instructor Database for Assignment 
  • Training Event Creation & Assignment 
  • Attach Course Materials 
  • Built-in Certificates & Sign-In Sheets Options
  • Company parent / branch levels
  • Admin / Write / Read Only security levels

Track, manage, and merge all your training information into one seamless database with Training Hive today!

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