Empowering Workforce Safety

Through Technology

Our Approach

Decades of professional field safety experience, all in the palm of your hand.

IT's Your Data

We’ll keep it secure, but it’s your data.  Import, export or just let us drive;  its up to you.


Our Cloud Computing allow you to connect your safety world to existing enterprise software, third-party external technology or one of our partners.

Simple & FAST

Mobile friendly apps that work online or offline.  Drop down menus, talk to text, photo capture using cloud computing for fast delivery.


Buy one app, buy them all, or connect later. Our platform connects the data fields for all of our native apps and partner apps.


Fast and easy customization of drop-down menus and reporting forms in any language. Customized app development using our core EcoSystemTM.


Secure and Compliant with meeting ITAAR, GDPR, OSHA and other compliance security and compliance protocols.

Our Solutions


Mobile Safety Made Simple

Connecting Safety Data & Technology for hardware, software, locations, people, assets, tools & PPE for a 360° view to help prevent and predict incidents.

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General Safety Hive Interest

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