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Safety Hive develops innovative and user-friendly software and mobile apps for safety management.  Our mission is to create safer and more efficient workplaces through the advancement of technology and changes of human behavior.


Empowering Workforce Safety

OUR STORY begins with performing professional safety services and purchasing off-the-shelf software to help us perform our job more efficiently. With the options being too heavy, made for a specific market, or designed from an IT perspective instead of a user perspective, we thought we could make better software. So we did, and soon our clients were asking to purchase the software….so begins Safety Hive software solutions.


Photo Capture

Capture photos on your phone or tablet and send directly to our own Safety Hive database


Equipment & Asset Database

Fully customize your assets and equipment in drop down menus for easy access.


Connect to Existing Environments

Easily connect to your own company computer software


SaaS Tier 4 Security

Backed by the highest security and performance in the industry


iOS & Android

Available to download on iOS and Android devices

Safety Hive Solutions

Safety Hive gives you the most advanced applications and software on the market.

add remove Inspection Software

Inspect everything from equipment, locations, people, tools and PPE from your phone or tablet .

  • Reduce Time, Increase Accuracy & Consistency of Inspections
  • Automate your inspection with the most Secure Database on the market 
  • Empower Your Workforce with mobile inspection reporting

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add remove Lockout Management Software

Developed by professional lockout technicians.

  • Significantly Reduce Time for procedure writing and inspections
  • Increase Accuracy & Consistency of procedures and inspections 
  • Gain Quality Controll with database file tracking and controls 

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add remove Training Tracker Software

  • Mobile Certificates for employee engagement.
  • Efficient & audit proof record keeping for OSHA Compliance 
  • Mobile & Transferable Certificates for your employees 

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add remove Incident & Hazard ID Reporting Software

  • Reduce Time  to report and manage safety hazards
  • Mobile reporting to empower and engage your employees 
  • Gain Visibility with tracking and management of hazards 

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add remove Incident Reporting and Management Software

  • Track & Predict incidents with Increased Visibility 
  • Reduce Time to report and manage incidents & safety hazards
  • Efficient & audit proof record keeping for OSHA Compliance 

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Safety Hive gives you the opportunity to enhance your safety program and enable employees to take ownership of your company safety culture. Our mobile apps put the power of safety in the hands of employees, educates them on their tasks, and reduce time of inspections / audits and reporting hazards.
Safety Inspect Pro

Reduce Time

Easy to use drop down menus to make reporting hazards quick and easy
QR Code

QR & Barcode Ready

Scan QR and barcodes for easy access to equipment and machines
Incident & Hazard ID

Make Hazard Reporting Easy

Allow your employees to report hazards with a touch of a button
training tracker white phone

Certificates on the Phone

Keep all your training certificates on your phone for easy access at job sites

Safety Management Controls

With the Safety Hive database your safety manager has complete control over each app and who has access to them.

Export Data to .csv & MS word

Pre-Filled and Fully Customizable

Equipment & Asset Database

Inspection Reminders & Approval Status

Discover the Safety Hive Suite

Take a further look how on Safety Hive can help empower your workforce!

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