This is why Safety Hive provides safety expertise, reference information & support to help build the user’s knowledge and skill sets.

Developed by and for Safety Experts

Unlike our competitors, we didn’t start as a software company and use consultants to help understand the safety industry. We started as safety experts with the need to build apps that actually work for professional safety experts and consulted with software engineers to make our job more efficient and accurate. As a leading industrial health and safety services company in the US, Martin Technical has dozens of safety and subject matter experts representing 100’s of years of field service and 100’s of thousand of written procedures and inspections. The questions, design and mobile field application features reflect decades of professional field safety experience, all in the palm of your hand.

Safety-hive Safety consultant

Remote Safety Consultant Included

On-Call Safety and Specialty Subject Matter Experts to answer your questions.

With your Safety app subscriptions, we provide an on-call professional safety expert to help answer your toughest questions on US codes and standards, properly implementing inspection or audit programs or how to correct problems. Additional specialized subject matter experts for electrical safety, lockout tagout, confined space and other topics are available to provide world-class safety expertise to your team.

USC safety regulations and codes

US Codes and Standards Library

Reference codes tied to inspections and audits for easy reference and learning.

A codes and standards library is used to provide specific code reference to help teach and remind users on what measure they are inspecting and auditing to. Developed and maintained by safety experts, this expanding standards and code library provides a quick and accurate reference guide for US codes and standards that are attached to each individual step.

Safety Inspection

Safety Inspection & Audit Templates Library Included

Simply the best and most complete safety templates in the industry.
Inspection Templates:

We include a library of over 50 common safety inspection templates for equipment, PPE and general safety written and reviewed by professional safety experts. The inspection & audit forms include:

  • Professionally written inspections and audit templates
  • Proper steps for the inspection
  • Description of the step
  • Guided instructions on how to perform the step
  • Common failure reasons to select for the step
  • Code & Standard reference (US Codes & Standards)

As all of our inspection templates are modifiable by the user, you can change or edit your templates at any time to meet your specific needs or create a new inspection form.

Safety Program Audit Templates:

Our professional written safety program audit templates are designed for evaluation and auditing your application of various safety programs. Audit Templates can be purchased for an annual fee.

Safety inspection guidance

Guided Inspection Instructions

Our app helps train on “how’ to do the inspection or audit.

Guided inspection instruction helps train and educate the user as they perform the inspection or provide a reminder on how the inspection should be performed.  Guided inspection instructions also help improve the quality and consistency of what is be measured or inspected.

safety inspection corrective actions

Recommended Corrective Actions

Not just questions….but Solutions.

Complete the safety cycle with professionally recommended corrective actions. Identifying gaps or issues is one thing, but knowing the best way to resolve them is another challenge.  This is why Safety Hive provides professionally recommended corrective actions to common problems for evaluating and assessing safety programs.  The recommendations are based on field experience and industry best practices. 

Safety Hive premium safety templates come complete with professionally recommended corrective actions based on the failure or gap needs providing you with a guide on corrective actions developed by safety experts.
For Hive Inspect & Audit Pro customers, the recommended corrective actions field can be self-populated to provide the solutions you recommend.

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