Solutions To Help You Mitigate The Impact Of The Coronavirus
At Safety Hive, we understand the value of supporting and protecting our customers, their employees, and visitors. Your Safety and health is more important now than ever with the added stresses and strain from the Covid Pandemic. Safety Hive is responding swiftly to gather a library of helpful external and internal tools providing you with technology solutions for managing people, locations, and process compliance for COVID back to work.

Free COVID Training

PPE Selection & COVID Care
Coronavirus: Guarding Against COVID-19:
• Hand Washing & “Touch Discipline”
 • If You Think You’re Getting Sick
• Social Distancing & “Respiratory Etiquette”
• COVID-19 & Infection

COVID-19 Checklist

Sanitation Checklists – 
Contact Us For More Info
COVID-19 Checklists – 
Contact Us For More Info

Temperature Scanning

Thermal Imaging Systems – In a tenth of a second, capture and record temperatures and faces at real-time.

Shop Our COVID Partner Products

Martin Technical, along with our manufacturing partners, provide reliable and approved PPE and products that are available for immediate shipment.

Antibacterial Wipes & Hand Sanitizers

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Sanitizer Dispensers

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Face Masks & Face Shields

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Gloves & Glove Dispensers

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Covid-19 Posters

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Covid-19 Floor Signs

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