About Safety Hive:

"With the options being too heavy, made for a specific market, or designed from an IT perspective instead of a user perspective, we thought we could make better software. So we did, and soon our clients were asking to purchase the software… so begins Safety Hive software solutions."
Meet The Software

Empowering Workforce Safety Through Technology

OUR STORY: Unlike our competitors, we didn’t start as a software company and use consultants to help understand the safety industry. We started as safety experts with the need to build apps that actually work for professional safety experts and consulted with software engineers to make our job more efficient and accurate. As a leading industrial health and safety services company in the US, Martin Technical has dozens of safety and subject matter experts representing 100’s of years of field service and 100’s of thousand of written procedures and inspections. The questions, design and mobile field application features reflect decades of professional field safety experience.

Our Mission

Safety Hive’s mission is to give you the opportunity to enhance and digitize your safety program and enables employees to take ownership of your company safety culture. Our mobile apps put the power of safety in the hands of employees, educates them on their tasks, and reduces time of inspections / audits and reporting hazards.

Safety Hive software solutions was not only meant to unite and simplify safety programs, but also provide connected technology solutions where other external data or technology can be seamlessly integrated into the Hive’s Safety EcoSystem. All your data, in one single place.

Safety Hive's Expertise.

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Meet the Software

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Safety EcoSystem™

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