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Rapid LOTO by Safety Hive offers professional lockout tagout management software to create, edit and manage your lockout procedures. Rapid LOTO offers a searchable database, drop-down menus, and a variety of report and procedure templates that include graphical procedures, checklists, and more.

Significantly Reduce Time for procedure writing and inspections.
Increase Accuracy & Consistency of procedures and inspections
Gain Quality Control with database file tracking and controls
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Safety Hive safety & health management software, forms, and mobile apps are designed from a safety perspective to improve your safety culture by engaging and empowering your workforce. Learn how the right software can change your safety culture >



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no wifi needed

Off Line Data Collection

write 5 different procedure types

Lockout Procedure, Task Procedure and Alternative Procedures, +

Customized Menu Selections

Customizable Drop Down Menus to Meet Your Specific Needs

Digital Inspection & Verification Checklist

Perform and Track Lockout Digitally and Perform Periodic Inspections

Padlock and
Device Counts

Padlock and Device Counts for each Procedure

QR & Bar Code Integration

Attach QR and Bar Codes to Assets & Procedures
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Any Language

Write Procedure
in Any Language

Customizable Templates

Template Layout to Meet Your Needs

Export to
Word or PDF

Complete Flexibility on How You Use Your Procedures
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World Class Support Team

Software is nothing without support when you need it the most.
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