Modernize and Simplify your inspections and audits with Safety Inspect & Audit Pro. Increase your productivity, reduce costs, and empower your workforce with mobile apps and software developed by safety experts. Quickly create, assign, and track audits and inspections with a simple reporting process that gives you real-time visibility.

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Software is just a tool and without the knowledge base and skill set to use the tool the value and productivity goes down. Safety Hive features the following benefits of our safety management mobile apps and software:

Remote Safety Consultant Included
Safety Template Library Included
Code and Standard Reference
Developed By Safety Experts
Guided Inspection Instructions
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Simplify Your Safety Program

  • Reduce inspection and admin time
  • Lower operational costs
  • Improve accuracy of reports
  • Improved security of data
  • Ensure compliance
  • Increase language consistency
  • Let the app help train your workers
  • Get real-time visibility

Engage & Empower Your Workforce

Safety Hive safety & health management software, forms, and mobile apps are designed from a safety perspective to improve your safety culture by engaging and empowering your workforce. Learn how the right software can change your safety culture


Barcode Scanner

Create custom tags and scan RFID/bar codes to easily audit & inspect equipment.

Time Tracking

Utilize time stamps and keep track of how long it takes to complete audits & inspections.

Drop Down Menus

Customize and edit menus for each audit & inspection and assign to assets/people.

Guided Steps

Guided steps provide expandable details to help simplify the audit & inspection process.

Photo Capture

Capture conditions, hazards and failures with just one click.

User Controls

Administrative, write-only, and read-only security levels.


Easily automate the scheduling of inspections.

iOS & Android

Download the Safety Inspect Pro app on iOS/Android.
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World Class Support Team

Software is nothing without support when you need it the most.
We’re here to help.
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