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Safety Hive develops innovative and user-friendly software and mobile apps for safety management.  Our mission is to create safer and more efficient workplaces through the advancement of technology and changes of human behavior.

Incident & Hazard Software

Incident & Hazard Reporting mobile app puts hazard identification, near miss, and stop work activities at the finger tip of each employee.   Drop down menus identifying buildings, locations, assets or work processes make reporting fast and easy while keeping data streamlined and organized for accuracy and reporting. Pictures can be taken with mobile devices. Hazard severity, action items and assignment to personnel or department can be controlled by managers.

Mobile App Features

  • iOS and Android
  • Offline Data Capture
  • Capture Hazards and Unsafe Actions
  • Photo Capture of Hazards & Events
  • All Field Data Customizable & Editable
  • Drop-Down Menus / Text & Voice to Text
  • Anonymous Reporting Option
  • GPS Location Reporting

Software Management Features

  • SaaS Tier 4 Database Security
  • Export all data to .csv
  • Equipment & Asset Database
  • Tracking & Time Stamps
  • Prioritize with Risk Assessment Rankings
  • Upload & Attach Documents
  • Write / Edit / Print / e-Mail Reports
  • Company parent / branch levels
  • Admin / Write / Read Only security levels

Incident & Hazard ID provides you the most robust system to streamline your Hazard and Incident reporting. From capturing data on our mobile app to assigning action through a dedicated portal, we have the tools to create visibility and predictability. 

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