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Safety Hive develops innovative and user-friendly software and mobile apps for safety management.  Our mission is to create safer and more efficient workplaces through the advancement of technology and changes of human behavior.

Safety Inspection Software

Safety Inspect Software

Equipment, Locations, People, Tools & PPE


Mobile App Features

  • iOS and Android
  • Mobile Phone & Tablet Optimized
  • Offline Data Capture
  • RFID / Barcode and Manual Selection Capable
  • All Inspection Forms Customizable & Editable
  • Guided Steps with Expandable Details
  • Photo Capture of Conditions
  • Time Tracking of Inspections
  • Drop-Down Menus / Text & Voice to Text
  • Automated & Manual Signatures

Software Management Features

  • SaaS Tier 4 Database Security
  • All Forms Customizable
  • Export all data to .csv
  • Equipment & Asset Database
  • Automated Scheduling of Inspections
  • Tracking & Time Stamps
  • Inspection Reports
  • Write / Print / e-Mail Reports
  • Company parent / branch levels
  • Admin / Write / Read Only security levels
  • Integration to 3rd Party CMMS

Safety Inspection for Every Industry

Our mobile inspection and audit checklists are designed with the health and safety management of every industry.  Our construction inspection checklist library provides a quick upload of the most common forms.  Our industrial checklist library is constantly expanding to cover different type of manufacturing plants, facilities and other workplaces.

Remove the clipboard 

Streamline your visibility and safety inspection process with Safety Inspect Pro App. Our platform has the ability to assign inspections to dedicated team members or pull your inspection form from a dedicated library located in your Safety Hive database. Create visibility and get back time using Safety inspect Pro.

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